VIDEO: Senior Citizen Dies After Being Run Over By Firetruck In Makati City

Senior Citizen Killed After Hit By Firetruck In Makati City

A senior citizen was killed and two others were injured after they were run over by a fire truck that was responding to a fire in Makati City.

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any moment. There is a chance of an accident happening whether you are driving, riding on the side of the road, or walking to work.

A senior citizen died after being run over by a firetruck that was responding to a fire in Makati City. The incident was caught on camera.

Photo Source: Union-Tribune

In Vonne Aquino’s report on “24 Oras Weekend” this Saturday, a video shows people and firefighters standing on the road of Barangay Guadalupe Viejo to respond to the fire. But only for a few moments, the fire truck of Barangay Poblacion went straight until it ran over the residents.

“Pababa ‘yung kalsada, binigyan ng kalso pero ang problema, noong bumaba itong driver para kunin ‘yung hose at tumulong sa pagpatay ng sunog, biglang umabante itong firetruck,” said Police Colonel Edward Cutiyog, Makati City Police chief.

“Totally tapos na ‘yung scenario ng sunog. Tapos bigla biglang mga two to five minutes, meron nang truck… pababa. Paghatak ko doon sa isang fire volunteer… masyadong malaki pong tao kasi ‘yun eh. Pag-ikot ko sa kaniya para maililigtas ko sana siya, hindi na kinaya ng kaliwang kamay ko,” said Melvin de Vera, one of the witnesses.

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Photo Source: Youtube

The senior citizen who went under the truck was identified as Florencio Balaoing Jr., who even helped put out the fire. Balaoing passed away at the hospital.

Rita Roxas and Relin Azuelo, who suffered fractures, were rushed to the hospital. Azuelo needs surgery.

Photo Source: Youtube

According to the report, the driver of the fire truck, John Polinar Orbeta, surrendered to the authorities. He declined to give a statement.

Balaoing’s family is considering whether to file a complaint against the suspect or settle. Azuelo’s wife also wants the driver to shoulder the victim’s hospital bills.

The authorities are still investigating whether the fire truck had a problem.

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