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Grandfather of Deniece Cornejo Wants to Settle Case vs Vhong

Grandfather of Deniece Cornejo Wants to Settle Case vs Vhong

Grandfather of Deniece Cornejo Expresses Opinion on the Case of Vhong Navarro

The grandfather of Deniece Cornejo expresses his opinion saying he just wanted to settle the case against actor Vhong Navarro.

Deniece Cornejo Grandfather

Atty. Axel Gonzalez, Deniece’s grandfather, gave his personal view on the conflict between the two. He believes it would be better if the lawsuit his granddaughter brought up against actor Vhong Navarro was simply resolved.

“As a lawyer dapat pareho silang may career e, i-settle nalang nila ‘yung problema,” said Atty. González in the interview shared by Niko Baua.

“Tulungan nalang natin ang korte, settle all this problems na pwedeng ma-settle diba? And then move on nalang,” he added.

Attorney for Deniece, Atty. If they want to try to reach a settlement with Vhong, Howard Calleja has not yet made a declaration. Even Deniece herself is still unsure of her willingness to settle her legal dispute in exchange for a dismissal of the case.

Whether Vhong’s camp is prepared to reach a settlement with Deniece has not yet been stated. It is unknown if Gonzalez wanted Deniece to end things with Vhong or if Atty. As a result, Ferdinand Topacio left his position as the model’s attorney.

You may recall that Topacio stated that some people wanted to alter the course of their filed case against Vhong. However, some people are attempting to take the case in a route that Topacio, as an advocate, does not desire to follow.

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