ML Player Jailed After Taking Minor He Met in Game in a Motel

ML Player who Takes Minor Girl He Met Online in a Motel Arrested

Police authorities arrested an alleged ML player for taking a minor girl he met in an online game in a motel in Quezon City.

After taking the 14-year-old student to a motel, the members of the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) arrested a 35-year-old man. Estelito Piolino Gibaga Jr. was caught in a motel on West Point St., E. Rodriguez in Quezon City at 4:30 on October 6, according to the PNP-ACG.

ML Player Minor Motel

The PNP revealed that Gibaga and the victim known only by the nickname “Lou” only talk in the Mobile Legends (ML) chatroom. After several exchanges in ML’s public chat, the two have had talks on Facebook messenger and Snap Chat. They apparently got into a relationship later.

However, the accused allegedly forced the girl to send explicit images of herself. The victim’s mother, on the other hand, overheard her daughter talking late at night on September 6, 2022.

Suspicious, the mother was shocked to see the conversation between the suspect and the victim after she opened the smartphone. Here, the girl acknowledged that the perpetrator was pressuring her to engage in lewd behavior.

On September 16, the mother of the victim went to the police and reported the suspect. Due to this, the authorities launched an entrapment operation against Gibaga, based on the report.

Gibaga and “Lou” decided to go to the Gateway Theater to see a movie. They headed to a fast food restaurant for takeout after they met at the Gateway entry. The suspect drove the student straight to the motel rather than the play.

When the police arrived at the motel, they wasted no time in handcuffing the suspect. Gibaga is currently being held at the Quezon City District Anti-Cybercrime Group and is being investigated for a number of offenses.

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