Fan Attempts to Kiss Arthur Nery in CamSur Elicits Reactions

Fan Criticized Over Attempt to Kiss Arthur Nery During Music Fest in CamSur

A female fan of Arthur Nery was criticized online over her attempt to kiss the singer during the music fest in Camarines Sur.

An admirer of the well-known singer-songwriter Arthur Nery broke down and embraced him on stage. She even made an attempt to kiss the performer in the middle of his setlist at the inaugural Hiraya Music Festival held on Saturday in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Arthur Nery Fan Kiss

An emotional female fan who had just entered the stage can be seen in the viral video as Arthur was thanking the 70,000 people who had attended the music festival. She gave Arthur a quick embrace and was about to kiss the musician.

The situation is then being tried to control by a production personnel. Based on the footage, you can see the artist giving the fan a selfie while maintaining his composure and good humor.

The viral scenario, however, did not sit well with some of the devoted Binhi, or as they are known, Arthur’s devoted admirers. They claimed that despite being a well-known individual, the artist’s “private space” should still be respected.

Here are their comments:

Because of his followers’ humorous antics, some of Arthur Nery’s shows have gone viral online. Fans often remix the lyrics to his well-known song “Pagsamo” at his concerts.

Fans have added the lyrics “itaas ang kamay” from Marian Rivera’s popular song “Sabay Sabay Tayo” to the song’s opener, “Kung bibitaw nang mahinahon ako ba’y.” On the other hand, Arthur occasionally became sidetracked and was unable to continue the song.

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