Photographers Apologized Over Unprofessional Wedding Photos

Photographers Apologized to Couple Due to Unprofessional Wedding Photos

Photographers who were criticized on social media due to unprofessional wedding photos of a newlywed couple apologized.

Nayumi Stone Heart, a disgruntled bride, recently posted her wedding images that were taken on their wedding day by the photographer she hired. The couple appears to be puffy in the photographs, which are visible.

Photographers Unprofessional Wedding Photos

When taking pictures, the photographer didn’t try to acquire a nice angle. Most of the findings lacked clarity, if not being overly bright or dark. Caren Estrera Kindla revealed in an interview with Balita Online that they requested a dispensation and promised to fix the images.

“Yong reaction nila nung una, parang wala lang hanggang sa tumagal na nag-viral na tlg sinubukan akong kausapin na aayusin na daw nila at sna dw mapatawad ko sila sa mga lapses nila,” said Caren.

If only they had addressed their mistakes, she continued, the images they took would not have gone viral. After waiting four months for their wedding images, Caren described in the previous post the services of the photographers and videographers they hired as “irresponsible and unprofessional” — but the outcome, for the bride, was not nice.

“My wedding photos were a disaster! we should not be treated like this,! 4months after ninyo ge release ang mga pic and this is what we get?” the bride Caren Estrera said.

Caren expressed her annoyance at the pictures from one of her happiest days in a string of Facebook posts. As netizens attempted to salvage the photographs through photo editing, sympathy for the bride poured in.

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