Regine Velasquez On Wearing Clothes ‘Paulit-ulit’: “I don’t care”

Regine Velasquez admitted that she is a very practical person

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez does not care about wearing her clothes multiple times because this is practical for her.

Regine’s success in the entertainment industry is something that many newbies and aspirants should look up to. With everything that she has achieved, it is safe to say that these also brought wealth to her life.

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However, in a recently uploaded YouTube interview on hairstylist Celeste Tuviera’s channel, the singer stressed the importance of not splurging on luxury items. In the interview, Regine Velasquez visited memory lane when it comes to her fashion and style.

During her early years in showbiz, she had to stylist and so she had the freedom to express her fashion sense. It was a good thing when celebrities got their own stylist but for Regine this made her lose her own style because she would just wear what the stylist would tell her to wear.

When the pandemic came, her freedom in styling herself returned and this made her happy. She also talked about buying her fashion pieces like clothes and shoes. In a portion of the interview, she shared that she doesn’t too much on luxury items, especially when it comes to clothes.

If ever she would buy a very expensive outfit, she makes sure to get the value that she paid for. “Susulitin ko talaga ng suot ‘yun,” Regine said, adding that clothing is not like tissue paper.

“Kaya ako nagpa-[ulit-uli], I don’t care,” she said. The Songbird also shared that her trait of being practical was even bashed. Back then, there were no social media yet and she would receive comment about wearing an outfit multiple times. “Binabash na ako sa newspaper,” Regine Velasquez said.

She also shared that wearing a particular outfit several times, she would accessorize and change the shoes she would pair with that outfit.

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