Leni Robredo Responds to Bashers Calling Her “Lutang, Madumb”

Leni Robredo Slammed Bashers for Calling Her “Lutang, Madumb”

The former vice president Leni Robredo responded to her bashers who are calling her ‘bobo, lutang and Madumb’.

The head of the “Angat Buhay Foundation” has attacked trolls and her detractors. On social media, a video of her speaking in front of guests during a Thanksgiving gathering she attended in Pampanga went viral.

Leni Robredo Bashers Madumb

Leni highlighted the typical insults she gets from trolls like “bobo, lutang, and Madumb in a video that is becoming viral on Twitter. She also mentioned raising eyebrows about his being the “Hauser Leader” of the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at the Harvard Kennedy School.

“Ano yung gagawin ko sa Harvard? Hinihintay ko nga kung ano yung sasabihin ng trolls eh,” Robredo hissed to the audience’s laughter and applause.

“Excited ako kung ano yung… kasi ‘di ba yung pinaka-narrative na… pinaka-narrative nila sa akin bobo ako, ‘di ba? Bobo ako, lutang, Madumb… yun yung sabi nila. Pero sabi ko nga, talaga ang Diyos, yung Diyos talaga marunong. Kasi… yung mga dumarating sa akin, parang hindi ko naman sino-solicit,” she added.

As she received an honorary degree from Ateneo, Robredo also addressed the person who called her “Madumb.” She further emphasized that she would receive an honorary degree from Harvard in addition to Ateneo.

“Pero nung nagsabi nang nagsabi ng ‘Madumb’ binigyan ako ng Ateneo ng honorary degree. Tingin ninyo ang Ateneo magbibigay sa isang lutang at bobo? Di naman siguro… Tapos ngayon, hindi lang Ateneo kundi Harvard,” Robredo said with a smile. Again the audience shouted and applauded for him.

“It’s not to brag, but it feel like that’s God’s answer for them,” she said. Additionally, Robredo stated that she has gotten numerous offers from local institutions to come as a guest speaker at their commencement ceremonies.

She said he was not only able to visit the three because they were in Turkey at the time, along with their three children. It was fortunate that Atty Leni has the College of Law and the College of Civil Engineering.

They probably wouldn’t bring in an unqualified guest speaker, Robredo maintained. Despite the fact that she doesn’t need to explain herself, she noted the irony of the fact that while her critics continue to call her stupid, she is receiving recognitions.

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