Vice Ganda Is Unhappy, Here’s Why Cristy Fermin Said This

Vice Ganda is one of the topics that Cristy Fermin discussed in her recent YouTube show

Unkabogable star Vice Ganda is unhappy, veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin said this, and here’s the reason she cited.

Vice has come a long way since he started his career in comedy bars until he was able to be part of mainstream entertainment. He has done a lot of blockbuster movies, TV shows and concerts, as well as several endorsements. Aside from his career, it is also known to many that he was able to find success also when it comes to his love life.

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However, behind the success that Vice has, Cristy, along with her Showbiz Now Na co-hosts Morly Alinio and Wendell Alvarez, said that the It’s Showtime host is still unhappy. Wendell said that he can say that Vice is unhappy when it comes to one aspect of his career. It is because of what happened to their mother station. “Ang show niya nakikisukod lang,” he said.

Morly said that having all the assets and wealth, Vice can be happy but this is a different thing when it comes to his eyes. The co-host of Cristy Fermin said that he can sense the emptiness that the Unkabogable Star feels.

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Then, the veteran showbiz writer shared her opinion. “Ako naman and punto ko, hindi pa rin siya maligaya, masaya lang siya, magkaiba yun” she said about Vice Ganda. She explained that having a joyful life and being content with the status of your life means that you will not find something to be worried about.

For Cristy, true happiness would make you ignore negativity and ignore small things that will not basically affect your life. “Hindi ka papatol sa mga bashers, hindi ka makikipag-away sa mga marites kasi secure na secure ka na eh. Alam mong maligaya ka na at meron kang peace of mind,” she said.

The veteran showbiz writer recalled the intrigue regarding the alleged “parinigan” that happened between Vice Ganda and Bayani Agbayani, who is one of the hosts of Lunch Out Loud. Then, Cristy asked her co-hosts if the presence of Ion Perez in the life of Vice still did not bring him happiness.

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