Ruffa Gutierrez Reveals How Her Daughters Treat Herbert Bautista

Ruffa Gutierrez talked about her relationship with Herbert Bautista

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez revealed how her daughters, Lorin and Venice, treat actor-politician Herbert Bautista.

In recent interviews, Ruffa and Herbert showed that they have a special relationship although they refused to put any label on what they have now. The actor-politician said that they are currently in a mature relationship and the actress agreed with what he said.

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In a recent YouTube interview on comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz’s channel, Ruffa was asked several questions about the special man in her life right now. Previously, her mom, Annabelle Rama, has already expressed that she likes Herbert because he is a good man and a smart one.

When Ogie asked Ruffa how her daughters treat Herbert, she answered, “they love him.” The actress also shared that during her and Herbert’s first date, he really said that she should bring her daughters because he wanted to meet them too.

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This happened in December 2020. At that time, Herbert brought books for Lorin and Venice. Ruffa said that it was indeed a ”Pinoy na Pinoy ang dating.” She added that during that first date, Herbert was already helping her in computing how much she will pay for Lorin’s education abroad.

At that time, Ruffa said that people are already teasing her with Herbert. She revealed that her mom even said that she should entertain guys like Herbert. “My mom naman super likes him,” she shared.

Ruffa also said that there were times when her mom would call her and would tell her that Herbert went to their home for a visit. “Hindi ko alam ha, bigla na lang siya susulpot sa bahay, so, I think they like that,” the actress said. Herbert also got thumbs up from Ruffa’s dad Eddie Gutierrez because they already worked together on a project.

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