Raffy Tulfo’s Platforms & Accomplishments | May 2022 Elections

Raffy Tulfo’s Platforms If He Wins Senator & Accomplishments

RAFFY TULFO’S PLATFORMS – Here are the accomplishments of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo and his plans if he wins the May 2022 Elections.

Some of the candidates in the upcoming May 2022 National Election are prominent personalities in other fields – like veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo. Despite not being an incumbent politician, he is enjoying good spots in senatorial surveys.

Raffy Tulfo's Platforms
Photo Credit: The Manila Times

Personal Background:

Raffy Tulfo was born on March 12, 1960 in Davao City, Davao. He is a broadcast journalist, television host and anchor, and TV personality columnist. There are no information about his educational background but four of them among 10 siblings are popular personalities in the field of media. Ramon, Ben, and Erwin Tulfo are his brothers.

Also called “Idol”, Raffy Tulfo is married to Jocelyn Tulfo and they have two (2) children – Maricel Tulfo and Ralph Tulfo.


Tulfo has a media career since the early 1990s and has been part of several known traditional and online media platforms. He was also a writer in tabloid newspapers – Pinoy Parazzi, Abante Tonite, and Abanta.

Raffy Tulfo’s Platforms:

  • push for law that will protect employees from wage theft
  • creation of department for migrant workers
  • pass media carta for media workers
  • support the passage of a bill filed by Rep. Niña Taduran (ACT-CIS Partyist) at the House of Representatives that seeks to provide enhanced protection, security and benefits to media workers
  • support media workers getting protection, including the grant of permit to carry firearms right away if evidence of harassment and receipt of death threats is clear and after receiving proper training in gun handling

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