Wil Dasovich on what he will feel if Alodia will fall in love w/ another man

Wil Dasovich mentioned his ex-girlfriend in his recent podcast

Famous YouTuber Wil Dasovich shared what he would feel if ever his ex-girlfriend cosplayer-gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao will fall in love with another man.

The breakup of Wil and Alodia, known as the Wilodia couple, caught the attention of the online community. Many fans were saddened by their separation.

Wil Dasovich Alodia Gosiengfiao
📷: The Philippine Star

Previously, Wil admitted that it was still difficult for him to call Alodia his ex-girlfriend. With tone of his voice, he was still in the process of accepting their current situation.

In a recent SuperHuman podcast of Wil Dasovich, he sat down and had conversations about random topics with social media personality Nico Bolzico, the Argentine husband of Kapuso actress Solemn Heussaff.

Nico asked Wil, “How would you feel if you see Alodia with someone else?” The YouTuber gave his honest answer. Wil admitted that he does not know what he would feel until that day comes.

However, Wil stressed that the happiness of Alodia is important for him. “But, if she was happy and I believe that he is a good guy, I would be happy. Because my goal for her, and for everyone in the world is to be happy,” the Fil-Am vlogger said.

He also said that if Alodia would eventually find that happiness with another man, then it would be great. On the other hand, he admitted seeing Alodia sharing love with someone else would cause a bit of pain to him.

It may hurt, it may be weird, it may be awkward, it may touch a nerve or something,” Wil Dasovich said. Ultimately, the YouTuber just wants his ex-girlfriend to be happy whoever her companion is.

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