Advocate in Tagalog – English to Tagalog Translation

What is an Advocate in Tagalog?

ADVOCATE IN TAGALOG – There are several English words that do not have a direct translation in Filipino, that’s why we need context to fully translate them.


In this article, we are going to learn about the Tagalog translation of this word based on context.

An advocate means a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

In Tagalog, it can be translated as “TAGAPAGTAGUYOD.”

Here are some example sentences using this word:

  • She is a passionate advocate of “organic” clothes.
  • Abraham Lincoln hated slavery and became an advocate of abolitionism.
  • Since Jason is an advocate of living a healthy life, I find it quite surprising he smokes cigarettes.
  • Colin joined the military because he wanted to be an advocate for freedom and justice.
  • Any good doctor will advocate healthy eating for his patients.
  • The outspoken singer is an advocate for gay and lesbian rights.
  • Maggie does not advocate the death penalty even though a man killed her son.

In Tagalog, the aforementioned sentences could be translated as:

  • Siya ay isang madamdaming tagapagtaguyod ng “organic” na mga damit.
  • Si Abraham Lincoln ay kinasusuklaman ang pang-aalipin at naging tagapagtaguyod ng abolisyonismo.
  • Dahil si Jason ay isang tagapagtaguyod ng isang malusog na buhay, medyo nakakagulat na siya ay naninigarilyo.
  • Sumali si Colin sa militar dahil gusto niyang maging tagapagtaguyod ng kalayaan at hustisya.
  • Ang sinumang mabuting doktor ay magtataguyod ng malusog na pagkain para sa kanyang mga pasyente.
  • Ang outspoken na mang-aawit ay isang tagapagtaguyod para sa mga karapatan ng bakla at lesbian.
  • Hindi itinataguyod ni Maggie ang parusang kamatayan kahit na pinatay ng isang lalaki ang kanyang anak.

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