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Here’s the literal translation, meaning and sample sentences of the phrase, Suntok sa Buwan

SUNTOK SA BUWAN – What is the literal translation and meaning of this idiomatic expression?

suntok sa buwan

More often than not, people would actually say this phrase if a certain thing is impossible or difficult to accomplish.

As such is an example of idiomatic expression or a phrase that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase.

We usually hear these words from people who are having a hard time trying to accomplish something.

But what do you think is the literal translation of this phrase?

This phrase literally means a “punch to the moon” or “blow to the moon

But this Filipino phrase actually means something that is “impossible” or “unattainable.”

Here are some sample sentences using this phrase in Filipino:

  • Suntok sa buwan na lamang ang mga pangarap ni Ruben.
  • Kahit gustohin man ni Carlo na matapos ang karera ay parang suntok sa buwan na lamang ito.
  • Hindi pa rin makapaniwala si Nelson na malalagpasan niya ang tila suntok sa buwan na balakid na kanyang naranasan.
  • Parang suntok sa buwan na yata na makabili si Ramon ng sariling sasakyan.
  • Ani ni Maria, suntok sa buwan na ang mapansin ng kanyang iniibig.

English translation of the sample sentences:

  • Reuben’s dreams were impossible to achieve.
  • Even if Carlo wants to finish the race, it might be impossible.
  • Nelson still couldn’t believe he could overcome the seemingly impossible obstacle he had encountered.
  • It seems unattainable for Ramon to buy his own car.
  • Maria said it might be impossible to be noticed by her beloved.

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