Caretaker Clarified That Lolo Narding Sells 10 Kaing Not Kilo of Mangoes

Lolo Narding Allegedly Steal 10 Kaing Not 10 Kilo of Mangoes Says Caretaker

The caretaker who files case against Lolo Narding Floro clarified that the elderly man sold 10 kaing and not 10 kilo of mangoes.

When an arrest warrant was issued against the 80-year-old grandpa in Asingan, Pangasinan, the custodian of mango trees was likewise taken aback. He noted, however, that the old guy took 10 kaing, not merely 10 kilograms of mangoes.

Lolo Narding Kaing

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In a GMA News report, caregiver Robert Hong also begged for an end to the disinformation and threats over Leonardo “Lolo Narding” Flores’ situation. Hong stated that he was dropping the matter, which had already been heard three times in the barangay.

He was, however, taken aback when the arrest warrant was issued. In addition, contrary to prior stories, Hong stated that the tree was not planted by Lolo Narding. According to legend, Lolo Narding only stayed on the property for a short time and did not become a caretaker.

Lolo Narding is claimed to be willing to make amends with Hong. After someone provided P6,000 to Lolo Narding’s bail, he was temporarily released. The date for Lolo Narding’s arraignment has been scheduled for February 8th.

The old guy went popular on social media after allegedly stealing 10 kilos of mangoes and being sentenced to prison by the caretaker. Even well-known celebrities and businesses have offered their condolences to Lolo Narding.

They make an effort to assist the old gentleman. For the latter, some even supply a lawyer. Christian Albert Gaza has offered assistance to the old guy and has issued a warning to the caretaker who has filed a complaint against Lolo Narding.

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