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What’s the difference between phenomenon and phenomena?

PHENOMENON and PHENOMENA – Here’s the difference between these two words or nouns.

phenomenon vs phenomena

There are a lot of confusing words, especially in the English language.

Sometimes, one may find it difficult to differentiate two words especially if the person is not used to speaking the said language.

Speaking of which, among the words that seemed to be confusing to many are phenomenon and phenomena.

When we hear these words, usually natural occurrences or events come to our minds such as the Aurora Borealis.

But actually, a phenomenon means “a fact, an occurrence or a circumstance observable by the senses” while a phenomena is simply its plural form.

There are four different types of phenomena:

Scientific phenomena are any occurrence at the same time fact or event which can be observed and compiled as data with or without the help of instruments.

On the other hand, mechanical phenomena are physical events associated with the equilibrium or motion of objects while gem phenomena refer to the observable characteristics of gemstones, such as asterism, play-of-color, and chatoyancy.

Moreover, popular phenomena refer to an unusual event while group phenomena refer to the behavior of organisms in a particular group. Lastly, social phenomena refer to events and behavior or attitude of people in a group.

Aside from phenomena, the word phenomenon also has another plural form, “phenomenons.”

It is used to indicate things that are extraordinary, occurrences that are extraordinary, or people who are extraordinary.

Example sentences:

  • The scientist observed the phenomenon across the lake.
  • Geologists are baffled as the phenomenon happened in front of them.
  • Ghost hunters claimed to have experienced supernatural phenomenons.

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