Duterte Kin Face Opponents In Davao For The First Time

Duterte Kin Face Political Opponents For The First Time

DUTERTE KIN FACE OPPONENTS – The sons of President Rodrigo Duterte are facing political challengers for the first time.

Previously, Sebastian and Paolo Duterte breezed through the elections as their positions were uncontested. But now, a former ally of Duterte came forth to run against Vice Mayor Sebastian Duterte’s mayoral bid. Meanwhile, a nongovernment organization (NGO) worker is poised to make an upset over Paolo Duterte’s reelection bid for the first district congressional seat in Davao.

One of the contenders was Atty. Ruly Elias Lopez, the son of the late former Davao City Mayor Elias Lopez. Before he ever rose to power, it was Lopez who paved the way for Duterte’s political career. According to Lopez, he wanted to “give the people of Davao a choice”.

Duterte Kin Face Opponents In Davao For The First Time

For 30 years, the Duterte name reigned supreme when it came to the Mayoral race in Davao city. Now, Lopez issued a statement to the public: “It’s up to them, the people, to choose me or the political dynasty“.

Based on an article from Inquirer, Lopez said he wanted to run to continue his father’s legacy. But, back in 1987, it was the older Lopez that helped Duterte win his first election.

Surprisingly, Lopez was a former Duterte ally. However, things changed back in 2007 when Duterte decided to push Sara Duterte to run as his vice mayor. He told Duterte that having a father-daughter duo as the Mayor and Vice Mayor would destroy the image of the city.

I told him, it was wrong. But when he insisted, I decided that, as a son of my father, I have to dissociate myself from him”, said Lopez. Furthermore, he stated that the tandem eliminates the safeguards against corruption in government.

On the other hand, Paolo would be facing Maria Victoria Maglana. Similar to Lopez, she said that the people of Davao should have a choice. For the past three decades, Magala conducted peace development projects that empowered grassroot communities. Moreover, she championed transparency and urged the public’s participation when it comes to governance.

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