Nuezca Likely Died From Heart Attack, Says BuCor Spokesman

Nuezca Likely Died From Heart Attack Says Spoks, Autopsy To Be Held Today

NUEZCA LIKELY CAUSE OF DEATH – According to the Bureau of Corrections’ spokesperson, killer cop Jonel Nuezca likely died of a heart attack.

Yesterday, BuCor made a shocking announcement that the viral killer cop Nuezca suddenly died. According to BuCor, Nuezca was walking outside of his dormitory building and suddenly collapsed.

Afterward, BuCor released photos of the deceased Nuezca and went viral on the internet. However, many don’t believe that Nuezca had actually died, among these people are the Gregorio family. During an interview, Mark Gregorio, the slain Sonya Gregorio’s son said “pwedeng palabas lang” (it may have been staged”.

Nuezca Likely Died From Heart Attack, Says BuCor Spokesman

Although Nuezca’s body was presented to the public, the cause of his death was still undetermined. Meanwhile, BuCor’s spokesperson Gabriel Chaclag said the killer cop likely died of a heart attack.

Additionally, he stated that officials would conduct an autopsy on the body on Thursday to verify his cause of death. Based on an article from GMA, CHaclag said initial findings led to Nuezca having a “Cardiac Infraction“.

Hopefully this week kasi gusto naming magkaroon ng resolusyon na itong kasong ito kasi may mga nagsasabing baka hindi raw namatay, yung iba naman sabi pinatay

Along with this, Chaclag said that the BuCor wanted to quickly finalize the investigation to avoid rumors of foul play. He also noted that Nuezca didn’t have any bruises or injuries on his body.

Nuezca, after falling unconscious, was brought to the New Bilibid Hospital by fellow inmates. He was pronounced dead at 6:44 p.m. on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

When it comes to the body, Chaclag said that it would be up to the former cop’s kin.

Once na na-release na sa funeral service provider at na-autopsy na ay wala na sa amin ang kontrol diyan

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