What Would You Personally Miss Most? (Answer & Explanation)

WHAT WOULD YOU MISS – In this article, we are going to answer the question “What would you personally miss most in such a situation?“.

Without social media or “media” in general, many would miss out on a lot of its features. Being part of the new generation of technology, most are used to using it for day-to-day life.

What Would You Personally Miss Most In Such A Situation

It helps connect people, build relationships, provides a source of information, entertainment, business, and many more. As such, many would argue that humanity couldn’t exist in a functioning society without at least some form of media.

But, although society as a whole can’t live without media as many lives depend on it, we could each personally stay away from media or social media. For many, this is what’s called a social media detox.

So, what you miss in this situation depends on your personal experience. An example of this is if you have a friend that you met online that’s from another country and you communicate through social media.

As such, if you stay away from it, you’d probably miss your new friend. You could also miss getting updates from the lives of those around you. Still, this could definitely be a good thing as you can focus on your own life.

Meanwhile, others would say that if their mas no media, many could do well and can help develop analytical abilities. Now, instead of being centered around social media, more people could be Earth-centered and wise.

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