Billy Crawford Is ‘Bully’? Jeffrey Tam Speaks About ‘LOL’ Accident

Billy Crawford was called a “bully” by Cristy Fermin

Lunch Out Loud host Billy Crawford received a “bully” tag from veteran entertainment writer Cristy Fermin regarding the accident that happened on the set and the person involved, Jeffrey Tam, has spoken about this.

This issue surfaced when Cristy said in a recent episode of Take It Per Minute Meganun that Billy should be called “Bully Crawford”. She said that Billy kicked the carton that was supposed to protect Jeffrey from falling on the floor.

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Because of that, Jeffrey suffered from a spine injury. According to Cristy, Billy reasoned out that he did that because Bayani Agbayani told him to do so.

In a recent episode of Ogie Diaz’s Showbiz Update vlog, he shared the conversation he had with Jeffrey Tam. The latter explained what really happened on the set of TV5’s noontime show.

Jeffrey said that the accident happened in July. He explained that he was supposed to jump and land on his back and the carton was intended to support his back but Billy kicked that.

However, Jeffrey stressed that Billy was really sorry for what he did and the LOL family showed support for him. The comedian added that Billy even presented to pay for the hospital bill but he refused that because the production already covered it.

Jeffrey Tam also shared that he did not feel angry because Billy Crawford kept on checking and apologizing to him. “Lagi niyang inaamin kasalanan ko ‘to,” Jefferey said adding that he saw the sincerity in Billy.

“Sabi ko sa kaniya, wala tayong problema bro. So hanggang ngayon, okay kami,” the comedian said. Regarding Bayani, Jeffrey said that when they reviewed the playback, they saw the former gestured like he was whispering something to Billy. However, they had no idea what Bayani said to Billy. Jeffrey Tam said that he understands that people should not apologize for something he or she has not done.

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