Roque On Senator Candidacy Snub: “hirap tumakbo na di alam yung ulo”

Roque Explains His Senator Candidacy Snub During Kapihan Sa Manila Bay

ROQUE SENATOR CANDIDACY SNUB – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque explained why he won’t run for Senator in the 2022 elections.

According to Roque, Davao’s own Sara Duterte also urged him to run. However, he told her that he still doesn’t know who would lead.

Based on an article from Inquirer, Roque said:

On the last day of COC filing, Mayor Sara called me and she in fact said that I should run. She was persuading me to run

I told her na ang hirap naman tumakbo na hindi ko talaga alam kung sino man lang ‘yung ulo, how much more ‘yung ulo na I do not believe in kaya, although she was persuading me na ‘go ahead and run’, I said I will not

Roque On Senator Candidacy Snub: "hirap tumakbo na di alam yung ulo"

Still, Roque could run for Senator if he decides to as the People’s Reform Party (PRP) announced that they had a slot for the spokesperson in its senatorial slate.

However, Roque had previously stated that he would only run if Sara would run for the highest seat in the country. Meanwhile, Sara had already filed for reelection as Davao City Mayor.

But, Roque mentioned that he would meet with the Davao Mayor and discuss how they would address supporters urging Sara to run for president. As per the article, Roque mentioned a possible “party building” for Sara’s supporters.

Roque previously entered the Senatorial race but withdrew after days of indecision. Prior to this, President Duterte advised him not to run for Senator. However, Roque pushed through and Duterte publicly issued a statement regarding his doubts of Roque winning as Senator.

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