25-Year Franchise Granted To E-Sabong Firm Of “Atong” Ang

Atong Ang’s E-Sabong Firm, Lucky 8 Stars Quest Inc, Granted 25-Year Franchise

E-SABONG FIRM FRANCHISE – Filipino-Chinese gaming expert Charlie “Atong” Ang was granted a 25-year franchise for his online cockfighting firm.

Online cockfighting has become a controversial subject in the Philippines. The platform allows anybody from the Philippines to place bets remotely on cockfights.

And, following the pandemic, the popularity of these “e-sabong” platforms grew exponentially. Among the top firms holding these events is Ang’s Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc.

25-Year Franchise Granted To E-Sabong Firm Of "Atong" Ang

According to an article from Philstar, the firm operates “Pitmasters”, one of the biggest Live games of Ang. Now, the firm is allowed to construct, establish, operate, and maintain on-cockpit and off-cockpit betting.

Lawmakers stated that Ang’s e-sabong platform holds a bounty of benefits, particularly, potential revenue for offsite betting activities. Furthermore, the house seemed to prioritize tackling the franchise which was quickly approved simultaneously during the 2022 national budget hearing.

Meanwhile, Former House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano was only one of the two votes that denied the firm in the final hearing. He explained that the online sabong firm was “unnecessary”.

Moreover, he said that allowing the firm to be easily accessible could entice the youth and expose them to the perils of gambling. “This allows for the addiction to grow worse“, he said.

In last Monday’s session, lawmakers made a unanimous 162-2 vote to approve the third and final hearing for House Bill No. 10199. As such, live broadcasting of cockfights online is allowed.

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