Will Gov’t Cut Ties With Red Cross?, Roque Gives Statement

Roque Answers If Gov’t Will Cut Ties With Philippine Red Cross

HARRY ROQUE – Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque recently clarified whether or not the gov’t would cut its ties with the Philippine Red Cross.

Recently, PRC Chairman and blue ribbon committee head Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon” had heated exchanges with President Rodrigo Duterte. However, according to Roque, the Palace simply wants to make Red Cross accountable.

Following the probing into alleged corruption in the government’s Pharmally deal, Duterte went on the offensive and targeted Gordon. Now, Duterte was adamant that he wanted the Commission on Audit (COA) to give a report on the Red Cross.

Will Gov't Cut Ties With Red Cross?, Roque Gives Statement

Additionally, Duterte also warned that he might cut ties with the organization altogether if Gordon does not comply with his request. But, Roque failed to disclose the government’s plans regarding the issue.

Based on an article from GMA, Roque stated:

What the President wants is to make Red Cross accountable. That is why he asked the Commission on Audit to audit the Red Cross.

Moreover, the spokesperson emphasized that the Philippine Red Cross should not be led by a politician. Instead, he suggests placing non-politicians in charge of a massive humanitarian org such as the PRC.

Currently, Gordon is still heading the investigations into Pharmally’s alleged corruption. Furthermore, Gordon was also trying to link Pharmally executives to Michael Yang, Duterte’s former adviser.

So far, Duterte has become extremely vocal against Gordon following the probing. Previously, he said that he would actively campaign against the Senator due to him being unfit as a lawmaker.

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