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Here Is The Meaning Of “Awit Lods” In Tagalog

AWIT LODS – The phrase “awit lods” is inescapable, especially if you’re on the internet and playing online games, but what exactly is its meaning?

First of all, we need to understand the meaning of the word “awit” in this context. Traditionally, awit is the Tagalog word for “sing“. However, “awit” in today’s internet slang is derived from two words “awww” and “sakit“.

Nowadays, you’d see the word used to describe a situation that’s rather unfortunate. For example, if you’re playing a game and you died, you could type “awit” to express your sorrows.

Awit Lods Meaning & Examples – Tagalog Internet Slang

Meanwhile, the meaning of the word “lods” is derived from “idol“. Initially, people changed the semantics of the word by switching “lo” with “di” to create “lodi“.

This was also popularized during the early 2000s with the song Noypi which is the inverse of “Pinoy”. The lyrics in the song also go further with this as written in the chorus: “Nosi nosi ba lasi, sino, sino ba sila?

But, in the case of “awit lods“, only the “lods” part has this semantic change. Combining the two words, however, simply means the same thing – expressing an unfortunate situation.

You could also say this to somebody that’s going through something hard, difficult, or unfortunate. Let’s say your best friend just broke up with his girlfriend. In this situation, you could tell him “awit lods“, not that it would help his situation get better.

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