Ate Gay Trends On Twitter After Posting Against Government’s Bashers

Ate Gay became a trending topic on Twitter due to his Facebook post

Comedian Ate Gay or Gil Aducal Morales in real-life topped the Twitter trends on Wednesday, September 8, after he posted against the bashers of the government.

The political arena has been heating up as the 2022 election is fast approaching. Politicians and aspiring public servants are already making noises as early as now. Along with this, their supporters or bashers are also gearing up.

ate gay
📷: Abante

Ate Gay apparently, took a dip in the political arena when he posted something about the government. Based on the screenshots circulating online, the comedian stated this: “Delete ko mga friends ko dito na walang ginawa kundi mangnega ng umaga ang manisi ang sisihin ang gobyerno..basa din alamin ang pinagmulan ng paghihirap ng pinas..simulan nyo ng 1986.. (peace sign emojis)”

ate gay post
📷: Gil Aducal Morales FB via KOW

Apparently, this did not sit well with those who are criticizing the government or those who are against the current administration. Because of this, many netizens on Twitter stated that they are “unstanning” the comedian. On the other hand, this post of Ate Gay received support from those who are pro-administration.

Based on the article published by Kapamilya Online World, the comedian had this post after the said controversial post with apparent political color for some people. “Pinangarap ko lang naman magkaroon ng madaming Likes..Bati-bati na tayo (laughing emojis).”

📷: Gil Aducal Morales FB via KOW

The comedian also posted photos of popular political personalities such as former Senator Bongbong Marcos, Vice President Leni Robredo, and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Then, Ate Gay posted that he feels triumphant because he was able to reach the micro-blogging social media site. The comedian also shared a comment from a netizen who mentioned the time when he was sick and asked for help from other people but he refuted this and said that it was his sibling who paid his hospital bill.

ate gay post
📷: Gil Aducal Morales FB

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