Oscar De La Hoya Gets COVID-19, Hospitalized, Forced To Cancel Fight

Oscar De La Hoya Hospitalized After Getting COVID-19

DE LA HOYA GETS COVID-19 – One of boxing’s most iconic stars, Oscar De La Hoya was forced to withdraw from his match on September 11 due to COVID-19.

His match against former UFC Champion Vitor Belfort would’ve become De La Hoya’s return to the ring since 2008. However, despite getting vaccinated against COVID-19, he still contracted the virus.

Before going on a boxing hiatus, De La Hoya’s last opponent was the Philippines’ fighting champ, Manny Pacquiao. Unfortunately, his return to the ring was presented with speed bumps due to the new coronavirus.

Oscar De La Hoya Gets COVID-19, Hospitalized, Forced To Cancel Fight

But, he’s not letting his hospitalization get in the way of his spirit. On his social media, he thanked his fans for supporting him and promised he would be back in the ring before 2021 ends.

Meanwhile, Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield stepped in to confront Belfort. Still, it’s currently unclear if the pay-per-view match would be held in Los Angeles or Florida.

Back in March, De La Hoya took jabs at Pacquiao on social media. Pacquiao posted a video showing him throwing punch after punch at De La Hoya.

“As a response, he commented saying “still couldn’t take me down drained and all. Love you”

Following that match, De La Hoya retired from boxing. Supposedly, he teased a comeback for July 3rd. But, due to the pandemic, it was delayed.

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