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Concerned Lady Drove Taxi Herself to Home as Elderly Driver Feels Sleepy

Concerned Lady Drove Taxi Herself to Home as Elderly Driver Feels Sleepy

Concerned Lady Earned Parise After Driving a Taxi Herself Going Home to Let Driver Rest

The online community praises the concerned lady who drove herself home with the taxi she rent and let the elderly driver rest.

Cristina Tan, a concerned lady, went viral on social media after sharing her first-time taxi cab driving experience. According to her, she called a taxi on her way home and encounter this elderly man.

Concerned Lady Taxi

However, the taxi driver, who was in his old age, advised her to take another taxi because he was too drowsy and couldn’t drive. Cristina, concerned that she may be left behind, begs the taxi driver if she can take over and drive.

“Sabi ko delikado naman kung bababa ako somewhere hindi ko alam kung makakasakay agad ako so i insisted ako na ang mag drive dahil malayo pa ang bahay ko from our location,” she shared.

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Cristina claimed that the elderly driver was hesitant to give her the keys at first because she was shy and believed she would never be able to operate a manual transmission vehicle. Cristina, on the other hand, insisted on driving so that he could relax for a time.

Cristina revealed that the elderly driver fell asleep almost immediately while she was driving. She also recounts a humorous incident in which numerous passengers flagged and were surprised to learn that the driver was a woman while on their way to her house.

According to her, the senior taxi driver is 70 years old, and he claims to be a taxi driver since the time of former President Ferdinand Marcos. All of his child were female, as a result, he continues to do this as a source of income for his children.

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