Gusto Kong Sumabong – Davao Virus Surge May Be Due To “Sabong”

Gusto Kong Sumabong – Rising COVID-19 Cases In Davao Possibly Due To “Sabong”

GUSTO KONG SUMABONG – According to the Incident Commander for COVID-19 response in Sta. Maria, Davao, cockfighting could’ve possibly caused the surge in COVID-19 cases.

As the new Delta Variant continues to spread, officials are implementing stricter protocols to combat the virus. These included tighter and more thorough contact tracing.

In lieu of this, Davao’s contact tracing team discovered a major link between close contacts of positive patients – “Sabong”. According to a report from DZRH, the contact tracing history of COVID-19 positive patients all led to gambling activities such as cockfighting.

Gusto Kong Sumabong – Davao Virus Surge May Be Due To "Sabong"

We could recall that back on April 16, 2020, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte banned cockfighting due to the pandemic. But, several cockpits have held events despite the ban.

The history of cockfighting can be traced back to classical times. Accounts of this date back to the culture of the ancient Greeks. Before warriors go to battle, they would watch cockfighting to stimulate brave and valorous deeds.

But, the Greeks didn’t start the sport, instead, it was brought to them by the Persians. However, most experts believe that it originated from Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, even before Magellan came across the Philippines, cockfighting was already prevalent during the 1500s. Since then, “sabong” has become a national obsession in the Philippines with the sport being a billion-dollar industry.

As such, the sport is completely legal in the Philippines. However, due to the pandemic, officials banned the event as it attracts crowds of people.

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