Scope And Delimitation – Meaning And Short Examples

What Is A Scope And Delimitation? (Answer)

SCOPE AND DELIMITATION – When writing a research paper and thesis, several factors need to be considered. In this article, we will be discussing the scopes and delimitations of a thesis paper and how it is used.

The scope of the study is an integral element in any research paper. It identifies to what extend the research area would be. Furthermore, it provides parameters that researchers will be operating in.

For example, you have a researcher who wants to write a paper on the impact of mobile devices on the behavior of elementary students. But, as we all know, it is impossible to cover every part of that topic.

Scope And Delimitation – Meaning And Short Examples

Because of this, we can use the scope to narrow down a section of the target demographic. In this context, we can specify into a group of 50 children in grades 2-5 of one specific school. Afterward, the duration of the study would last for 6 months.

Once that is complete, we can now focus on the delimitation of the study which provides the boundaries of the study. These include the sample size, geographical location, population, and more.

The section for the delimitation of the study should also explain why specific actions were made in the study while others were not. This is done as certain decisions might affect the outcome of a research.

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