Parents Hide 5-Year-Old In Box To Smuggle Child Across ECQ Checkpoint

Parents Hide 5-Year-Old Inside Box In Attempted Smuggling Past Checkpoint

PARENTS HIDE-5-YEAR-OLD IN BOX – As Manila was placed under another enhanced community quarantine, several restriction where implemented.

Due to the spike of new COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, checkpoints in borders have been put-up yet again. Furthermore, authorities have placed an age limit to those who could go out amid the new ECQ.

Much like in the previous ECQs, children aren’t allowed outside of their homes along with the elderly who are at risk to COVID-19. However, according to an article from GMA, authorities from Quezon City apprehended a couple trying to smuggle their 5-year-old child through a checkpoint.

Parents Hide 5-Year-Old In Box To Smuggle Child Across ECQ Checkpoint
Image from: PGH

At the boundary of San Pablo Laguna, and Tiaong, Quezon, members of the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) noticed a box on the sidecar of the couple. Upon investigation, the couple was asked where they were headed.

As per the article, the couple claimed that they will retrieve vegetables in San Pablo, Laguna. However, the couple then said that the box they had with them contained clothes. But to their surprise, when the HPG opened the box, a child was inside.

“Bata ang laman. Batang lalaki at kumaway pa po sa amin.”, she said. Following this, the couple was immediately sent back home since children are barred from roaming outside amid the ECQ.

Luckily, no chargers were filed against the couple who she said were simply wanting to find work amid the lockdown. Additionally, she stated that the couple may have brought their child as they couldn’t leave him alone in their home.

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