Robin Says Aljur Should Convert To Muslim After 3rd Party Rumor

Robin Padilla Suggests Aljur Abrenica Convert To Muslim Following Third Party Rumors

ALJUR SHOULD CONVERT TO MUSLIM – The polarizing Robin Padilla had some suggestions for Aljur Abrenica following his breakup with daughter Kylie Padilla.

Recently, Kylie and Aljur announced their separation. However, rumors ran amok of a certain third party involved in the relationship. But, amid those rumors, Robin said that it was common for men to be tempted.

Following this, in Ogie Diaz’ latest released interview with the actor, Padilla said he couldn’t give advise to Aljur as it would make him hypocritical. “Pagdating sa marriage ano ba ma-a-advise ko? E, failure din kami ng mama niya. Ano’ng credibility ko?, said the actor.

Robin Says Aljur Should Convert To Muslim After 3rd Party Rumor

Afterward, netizens were left in shock and awe after Robin suggested that Aljur should convert into a Muslim if the third party rumors were true. During the interview, the actor said: “Sabi ko, ‘Pag-Muslimin mo na lang si Aljur'”.

“Sabi ko sa kanya, mahirap ‘yong ganyan ang sitwasyon ng puso mo tapos wala kang gagawin. Dapat mag-ensayo ka, ibalik mo ‘yong fighting spirit mo”, he added. Still, the actor hoped that Aljur had enough fight in him to save the relationship.

Furthermore, he hoped that the severed relationship wouldn’t last. As per the interview, he said “Kung magbabalikan sila, ‘wag nilang patagalin. Kailangan kaagad“.

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