Over 3 Million Filipinos Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Roque Says Over 3 Million Filipinos Vaccinated Vs Coronavirus

COVID-19 VACCINATION – According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, over 3 million Filipinos had gotten vaccinated against COVID-19.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the presence of a vaccine puts countries a step closer in regaining control. Because of vaccines, countries across the globe are slowly opening borders and reviving the economy.

Meanwhile, the Philippines still has a long way to go before achieving its goal of vaccinating 70% of the population by the end of 2021. However, with more vaccines coming into the country, the government is hopeful that the goal would be met.

Over 3 Million Filipinos Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Currently, the Philippines has vaccinated over 3,089,876 individuals. Furthermore, of the 12.4 million administered doses, 9,399,801 were used for the first dose as of July 7, 2021.

As of now, the Philippines has received 17 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines. In addition to this, an extra million doses of AstraZeneca donated by the Japanese would be delivered Thursday night, according to the government.

Still, a large percentage of Filipinos across the country are hesitant to get vaccinated against the virus. As such, officials and personalities both campaigned for the importance of vaccinations amid the pandemic.

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