Small Doses Of Laughing Gas Relieves Depression Says Study

Study Believes Small Doses Of Laughing Gas May Rapidly Ease Depression

LAUGHING GAS – Medical researchers from the Universit of Chicago Medicine and Washington University revealed that small doses of laughing gas could relieve depression.

According to the new study, a single inhalation of 25% nitrous oxide was as effective as 50% nitrous oxide when trying to rapidly relieve symptoms of “treatment resistant depression”. However, the researchers did note fewer side effects from the treatment.

Meanwhile, the positive effects from inhaling the gas were found to last longer that expected. Furthermore, some participants even had improvements for up to 14 days.

Small Doses Of Laughing Gas Relieves Depression Says Study

As such, researchers believe that the non-traditional treatments could become a viable alternative for mental health patients, especially those who do not respond well with typical anti-depressants. Additionally, it could also help rapidly treat those experiencing severe crisis.

Nitrous oxide, typically called “laughing gas”, is often used as a type of anesthetic. This gives an individually short-term pain relief primarily used in dental and surgical procedures.

Based on an article from Unilad, Peter Nagele, MD, Chair of Anesthesia and Critical Care at UChicago Medicine, Stated:

This investigation was motivated by observations from research on ketamine and depression. Like nitrous oxide, ketamine is an anesthetic, and there has been promising work using ketamine at a sub-anesthetic dose for treating depression.

We wondered if our past concentration of 50% had been too high. Maybe by lowering the dose, we could find the ‘Goldilocks spot’ that would maximize clinical benefit and minimize negative side effects.

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