Sharon Cuneta Had Plastic Surgery? Cosmetic Surgeon Reveals This

Sharon Cuneta shared what treatment she had at Aivee Clinic

Megastar Sharon Cuneta addressed the speculation that she had plastic surgery and here is what cosmetic surgeon Aivee Teo revealed about this.

Sharon is one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippine entertainment industry. She admits that looking good and presentable to the audience is definitely one of the responsibilities that she has as a performer.

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When it comes to maintaining her physical beauty, she is trusting Dr. Aivee. In the recent vlog of the cosmetic surgeon, the Megastar said, “When I came here, I knew I was in good hands. I know. And more than really our doctor-patient relationship, it’s really the friendship that’s so important.”

However, the singer-actress stressed that more than the friendship, she trusts Aivee Clinic because of the good result that she gets.

“I mean kung feeling ko mahal na mahal ko sila pero hindi sila magaling, hindi ako pupunta rito, ‘di ba? I mean I wouldn’t put my body and my face because it’s my job to look presentable to my audience,” Sharon Cuneta explained.

Then, Dr. Aivee shared that she has been reading comments from netizens saying how the Megastar looks radiant now. There were also those who said that her face looks slimmer now.

For the singer-actress her face did not change, she just looks younger now. She also addressed the plastic surgery rumors against her. “Have I had plastic surgery on my face?” Sharon asked the cosmetic surgeon and the latter said “no”.

“‘Cause people think [I had] and I still have those lines,” the Megastar said. Sharon Cuneta revealed that she has been undergoing treatments to tighten her skin and nothing more.

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