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Fish Vendor Allegedly Sidelining License Fixing Found With Drugs

FISH VENDOR ALLEGEDLY SIDELINING – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people are struggling as unemployment rates increases.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are over 3.44 million Filipinos who remain jobless due to the pandemic. As such, many Filipinos decided to do sideline jobs in a bid to survive in these hard times. However, one fish vendor decided to go forward with a very questionable sideline, license fixing.

Fish Vendor Allegedly Sidelining As Fixer, Drug-Pusher Arrested

Much like a tale as old as time, the Philippines has been synonymous with “fixing”. This is the act of paying somebody to get your license without the need to process any documents.

Because of the convenience it gives, many are eager to try it out, therefore, the demand for the service boomed. Now, you can even find fixers in the most unlikely of places.

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, a fish vendor was arrested for faking driver’s license in Iloilo. Authorities said the fish vendor sold his products at Estanicia Fish Port. Furthermore, intelligence said that the man was also a known fixer of driver’s licenses.

With this, the police also called out to the Land Transportation Office and the two departments began an entrapment operation. Authorities reported that for P6,000 an individual could already get a fake driver’s license.

Moreover, you could get it in merely three to five days. According to the suspect, the licenses he sells are from Metro Manila. During the operation, police found 7 fake driver’s licenses and 4 sachets of suspected Shabu.

The charges for the suspect are now being processed. This included usurpation of authority, estafa, and violations of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

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