Janella Salvador on appreciating mom Jenine now that she’s a mom too

Janella Salvador talked about being a first-time mom

Actress-singer Janella Salvador expressed her appreciation more for her mother Jenine Desiderio now that she is also a mother too.

Janella gave birth to her son Jude with boyfriend Markus Paterson on October 20, 2020. It was in January this year when they finally confirmed that they are now a family.

Jenine Desiderio Jane;lla Salvador
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Throughout that motherhood journey of Janella, her mom Janine was there beside her, especially that she gave birth in the UK. It is quite known in the entertainment industry that Janine and Janella had conflicts in the past.

Fortunately, they were able to reconnect and they had been closer to each other since they reconciled. Talking to Metro Style, Janella Salvador said that she has a newfound appreciation for her mother now that she is also a mother.

Her skills, her knowledge, like I never really gave it attention before, na parang buti nalang alam niya ito, because I just realized there are so many things I don’t know yet,” the 23-year old celebrity mom said.

janella salvador baby jude
📷: Metro Style

She added that when it comes to cleaning or when it comes to housekeeping, and stuff like these, her mom is very helpful. Janella said that she had to learn these things on her own because she is a mother now.

When Janella is buying things for her baby, Janine would also help her. “Thank you for being so strong, raising us as a single mom. I know it’s very hard because I’m not a single mom and I’m having a hard time, so what more all the moms out there, the powerful moms out there, who raise their kids alone?” the young actress expressed.

Janella Salvador also shared one important lesson from her mom and it is to be patient. Jenine Desiderio has been reminding her daughter that being patient is very important in motherhood.

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