Angel Locsin Admitted This Claire Dela Fuente’s Song Is Her Favorite

Angel Locsin is a fan of this song by Claire dela Fuente

A-list actress Angel Locsin admitted that this song of veteran singer Claire dela Fuente is her favorite which the latter recorded in 1978.

The unexpected death of the OPM icon on March 30 brought shock to many. Reportedly, she died of cardiac arrest but later reports stated that she tested positive for COVID-19. Many showbiz personalities expressed grief and condolences to the family of veteran singer.

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In the recent article by entertainment columnist Jojo Gabinete in PEP, he recalled one instance in which Angel Locsin showed her admiration for the Claire dela Fuente.

It was said that this instance happened during the time when the A-list actress was doing the series Asian Treasures with Robin Padilla in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand back in March 2007. That taping took two weeks to finish.

Gabinete said that since they were in just one tourist bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Angel saw the columnists group that they were listening to music on their iPod.

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The actress asked them if they have the song “Sayang” by Claire dela Fuente. They told her that they have and this made her happy. Angel Locsin borrowed their earphone and listened to the song. She said that the song is her favorite even though it was recorded even before she was born.

Meanwhile, initial reports stated that Claire dela Fuente died at the age of 62. However, based on Gabinete’s article, Gigo de Guzman, the son of the veteran singer said, “She’s turning 64 this year.”  This means that Claire is 63 years old when she died.

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