Filipino Co-Director Of ‘Inside Out’ To Feature Pinoy Mythology For Netflix

Philippine Mythology will be featured in a Netflix animated film, Filipino co-director of ‘Inside Out’ said

Ronnie Del Carmen, a Filipino co-director of the movie Inside Out, is developing a new animated movie that will feature the Pinoy mythology for Netflix.

During a recent interview on Cartoon Brew, the veteran Disney and Pixar animator transferred to Netflix to do the streaming platform’s animated projects. He is planning to highlight the mythology of his home country, based on the article in Philstar Life.

ronnie del carmen filipino co-director inside out
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Talking about his roots during the interview, he said, “I grew up somewhere else. My story starts in a group of islands, in a region that I’ve now traveled back to many times over. Each time I wish I could stay and relearn what I missed.”

Del Carmen added that parts of the stories he made for many animated films came from he was born. “I go where these stories will thrive. I carried these tales to Netflix, and when they heard my story they asked me to tell it here,” the animator said.

He also said that he has been inspired by story-tellers from around the globe whose works became windows to the place where they came from. Del Carmen is hopeful that these kinds of stories will “fuel change” and would bring people closer to each other.

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“That’s my next threshold. I’m where I need to be,” the Filipino co-director of Inside Out stressed.

Del Carmen has not divulge yet the details of his upcoming project with Netflix but this will definitely be exciting as the Philippine mythology will be told around the globe.

Among his notable works in the past were the animated films Dug’s Special Mission. Up, Prince of EgyptBatman: The Animated SeriesSpirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Finding Nemo, Coco, and Toy Story 4.

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