Senator Drilon Seeks 10-Year Imprisonment For Red-Tagging

Senator Drilon Seeks 10-Year Imprisonment For Red-Tagging

RED-TAGGING – Senator Franklin Drilon recently filed a measure that seeks a 10-year imprisonment for any state agent who would be convicted of red-tagging.

Health workers and advocates hold a protest against the alleged worsening attacks, red-tagging, and smear campaigns against health professionals, outside the Department of National Defense (DND) headquarters in Quezon City on May 31, 2019. Jire Carreon, ABS-CBN News/file | Image from: ABS-CBN News

According to a report form ABS-CBN News, under Senate Bill 2121, or known as the proposed “Act Defining and Penalizing Red-tagging”, the convict will also be disqualified from holding any public office.

“The passage of this bill will reverse the ‘increasingly institutionalization and normalization of human rights violations’ and put a stop on the attacks against the members of the legal profession,”

“The measure will likewise serve as a reminder to the government of its primary duty under the Constitution to serve and protect the people,” 

The bill classifies the said act as “labeling, vilifying, branding, naming, accusing, harassing, persecuting, stereotyping, or caricaturing individuals, groups, or organizations as state enemies, left-leaning, subversives, communists, or terrorists as part of a counter-insurgency or anti-terrorism strategy or program, by any state actor, such as law enforcement agent, paramilitary, or military personnel.”

Based on the report, Drilon said that this is needed since libel and grave threats charges are not appropriate when a state agent is affecting an individual’s basic rights.

“It has resulted in serious human rights violations such as harassments, arbitrary arrests, detentions, and enforced disappearances… In some instances, being red-tagged is a prelude to death,”

He, and others of the Senate, earlier filed and adopted Senate Resolution 691, which highly condemns the “killing of and acts of violence against judges, prosecutors and lawyers.”

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