“PH Not Back On Square One” – Duque Responds To Critics

Is The PH Back To Square One In Its Pandemic Respone? Duque Says No

PH NOT BACK ON SQUARE ONE – Amid criticisms, Health Secretary Francisco Duque emphasized that the country is progressing against COVID-19.

Recently, Former IATF medical consultant Dr. Dony Leachon asked Twitter “Are We Back To Square One?”. He then attached a statement from former DOH Secretary Esperanza Cabral. Meanwhile, Cabral stressed that the Philippines isn’t jut back to square one, but “ten steps back from Square one”.

"PH Not Back On Square One" – Duque Responds To Critics

As a response, Duque noted how the country made progress in dealing with the pandemic. This, despite the surge in COVID-19 cases, almost full capacity hospital beds, and new variants present in the country.


According to an article from Inquirer he said:

Hindi naman siguro tama na sasabihin na ten steps backward. Please lang. Isipin naman yung malasakit nila sa healthcare workers natin na ang kabayanihan ay di mapantayan

Sana naman wag ganun kalupit ang kanilang mga opinyon. Kawawa naman tayong mga lingkod-bayan na talagang halos walang patid ang paninilbihan natin.

Last December, in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19, Duque went to malls with a meter stick to remind people to adhere to physical distancing. However, during this time, his posse behind him were clumped together.

"PH Not Back On Square One" – Duque Responds To Critics

But, due to the reopening of the economy, cases surged again back to its peak in August 2020. Similarly, hospitals beds are now once again full despite Duque boasting about how officials increased bed capacities and testing.

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  1. Duque is a Demon ever in the government official of DOH tuta ng Admin..hindi ako mka dilaw.pro Duterte ako nuon pero pangyayari ngaun alam na ng mamamayan kng anu kayo kalupit ginawa nyo ng negosyo ang pandemya thats true..masakit sabihin pero un ang katutuhanan


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