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Milky Way Galaxy Could Be Swarming With Aquatic Planets

MILKY WAY GALAXY – A team of researchers suggest that the Milky Way could be filled with aquatic and inhabitable planets.

Image from: Universe Today

According to Inquirer, this came after the said researchers created a computer model allowing them to estimate the means and materials from where the planets in the solar system were formed.

The Perseverance rover by NASA stated its exploration of Mars on February 18. While this mission is ongoing, scientists from the University of Copenhagen recently published research which allows them to suppose that water could have been a building block for all the planets in the Milky Way.

Professor Anders Johansen and his team have calculated the speed where planets are formed and from which basic building blocks they are made of, with the use of their computer model.

The study shows that it was millimeter-sized dust particles of ice and carbon which accreted to form the planet Earth at about 4.5 billion years ago.

Based on the report, the water molecule (H2O) is found everywhere in our galaxy, scientists say, adding that other plaets may have formed in the same way as Earth, Mars and Venus.

“With our model, all planets get the same amount of water, and this suggests that other planets may have not just the same amount of water and oceans, but also the same amount of continents as here on Earth. It provides good opportunities for the emergence of life,”

“If, on the other hand, it was random how much water was present on planets, the planets might look vastly different. Some planets would be too dry to develop life, while others would be completely covered by water,”

“The decisive point for whether liquid water is present is the distance of the planet from its star,”

“By observing which type of light is being blocked from the planets’ orbit around their star, you can see how much water vapor there is. It can tell us something about the number of oceans on that planet.”

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