2 Men Beat 1 Guy After He Allegedly Didn’t Give the Illegal Drugs They Order

2 Men Beat 1 Guy Due to Illegal Drugs Order Allegedly Not Delivered

Video footage of an intense brawl between 2 men who are alleged drug users beat 1 guy who is ordered to buy illegal drugs goes viral.

On Facebook, a bystander was suddenly grabbed by his clothes and dragged mercilessly into the middle of the road. A concerned netizen had recorded the commotion between the three.

2 Men Beat 1 Guy

Netizens who saw the incident stopped them but they still did not let go. They were surprised after he answered and suddenly it was preceded by a punch on his face which he immediately avoided.

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After that, the bystander exchange multiple punches using his left arm. One of the two men let go of him while the man wearing a white shirt and red cap still receiving the left punch as he continues to grab the bystander.

2 Men Beat 1 Guy

The bystander knocked the man wearing a white shirt and attempted to flee after. But he followed the two men who beat him first after suddenly left as the man who was beaten already fight back.

According to the concerned netizen who recorded the video the two men allegedly order him to buy illegal drugs to their source. However, the bystander failed to give them the illegal drugs they ordered.


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