Shelter For Disabled Stray Dogs In Chonburi, Thailand Threatened By COVID-19 Pandemic

THAILAND – A shelter for disabled stray dogs in the province of Chonburi in Thailand is threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A disabled dog in a mobility aid is pictured during an afternoon walk at The Man That Rescues Dogs Foundation in Chonburi, Thailand, January 26, 2021. Picture taken January 26, 2021. (Reuters/Athit Perawongmetha) | Image from: Interaksyon

The shelter, run by a foundation called The Man That Rescues Dog, was set up by a Sweden national residing in Chonburi, according to Interaksyon.

The man was dismayed at the poor condition of strays that he started caring for them after work.

In the said shelter, more than two dozen dogs, with tails wagging to a chorus of barks and yelps and are attached to wheels that support their disabled hind legs, scramble along a rocky path and take theur daily exercise.

Among the 27 disabled dogs were victims of accidents. They are being nursed back to health at the said province, whch is southeast of the capital, Bangkok.

Christopher Chidichimo, a shelter official and a sponsorship coordinator there said the following:

“It’s almost like they have no idea that they have a disability and once you put them in the wheelchair for the first time, it’s like there’s no learning curve,”

However recently, the future of the shelter is now being threatened after the coronavirus pandemic led to a 40% drop in donations, as well as slashing the number of foreign visitors.

“The donations are very important, and the volunteers and visitors are equally important, because they come and spread our message,”

The shelter spends more than $1,300 daily to care more than 600 dogs and feed 350 more that live on the streets.

The volunteers there also look after paralyzed and disabled dogs. However, scarce funds prompted the shelter to suspend a monthly campaign to spay and neuter strays.

Based on the report, there are over 800,000 stray cats and dogs in Thailand, as of 2017 and 5 million more in 20 years unless there are actions to control such numbers.

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