Frontliners Get Sinovac First – Netizens Raise Concern Over Vaccine

Netizens Concerned As Gov’t Plans Giving Frontliners Sinovac Vaccine First

FRONTLINERS GET SINOVAC FIRST – Netizens became concerned following news that medical workers from Metro Manila would will be the first to get inoculated with China’s Sinovac vaccine.

Upon its release, Sinovac has become one of the most controversial vaccines for the new coronavirus. Unlike its competitors, Sinovac has been found only 50-76% effective against the virus. However, the cost per dose comes at a much higher price than leading vaccines such as Pfizer which has a 94% efficacy.

As such, netizens on Philippine social media expressed their unease upon hearing frontliners would get the shot first. According to an article from ABS-CBN, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said medical frontliners from the NCR would receive the vaccine first.

Frontliners Get Sinovac First – Netizens Raise Concern Over Vaccine

“Iyan ang number one priority natin in terms of region, and in terms of segment of society”, Nograles added. Following this, senior citizens would receive the vaccine next according to Nograles.

But, instead of relief, netizens and frontliners on social media had this to say regarding the recent announcement:

After all the sacrifice and heroism of the medical frontliners, this is what they get?

Oh no..thanks but no thanks.

Thank you, but i can personally afford the one that’s more cheaper and effective than China’s vaccine. Again, “Salamat na lang.”

mali kayo! dapat PSG, police and congressman!

How about the ones who approved the purchase? Duque? The whole IATF crew? The cabinet? Roque? Andanar? Calida? Sinas? Bato? Go? Aguirre? Tolentino? Cayetano? Shouldn’t you guys be first?Be great “leaders” by backing up your words and actions by injecting yourselves with Sinovac. Live on TV ah from opening Sinovac from it’s box UNTAMPERED (yeah we “TRUST” you guys that much😉) Huwag puro kickback ang inaatupag.

Previously, netizens also questioned why Health Secretary Francisco Duque was adamant in procuring Sinovac, a more expensive and less effective vaccine. Meanwhile LGUs had already secured deals with cheaper and more effective vaccines.

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