Black Nazarene Devotees Break Distancing To Grab Contact Tracing Form

Black Nazarene Devotees Confused Due To Contact Tracing Form Distribution

BLACK NAZARENE – Hundreds of devotees flocked to Quiapo church to attend mass in honor of the Black Nazarene on early Saturday morning.

The Filipino Catholics have the celebration of the Black Nazarene deeply rooted in their tradition and culture. But, as the Philippines still struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, Monsignor Hernando Coronel, rector of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene on Friday said:

Dini-discourage po namin na pumunta kayo sa simbahan ng Quiapo sapagkat nasa pandemic tayo

However, a flood of devotees still flocked Quiapo Church on Saturday morning to attend the mass.

Black Nazarene Devotees Break Distancing To Grab Contact Tracing Form

Unfortunately, many of the devotees struggled with the contact tracing system. Among the requirements to enter Church grounds was a contact tracing form. However, due to the number of devotees, the distribution of these forms caused a physical distancing breach.

According to a report from DZBB, some of the devotees struggled to grab their own contact tracing form. As such, this led to some devotees snatching forms just to get inside the Church compound.

Furthermore, the array of health protocols imposed caused confusion as devotees say they were not properly explained. Devotees asked how authorities could conduct contact tracing with the number of people rushing in.

Prior to the mass, the Philippine National Police set up control points around the church. But, with the sheer number of people coming in, basic health protocols such as physical distancing was an issue.

As a response, Members of the Hijos del Nazareno, who serve as marshals, roamed around the area to remind devotees to follow protocol.

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