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FDA Warns Not To Self-Inject Any Vaccine Following PSG Issue

DON’T SELF-INJECT VACCINE – Leave vaccinations to professionals. This was the gist of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday during an interview.

Recently, President Duterte’s personal security team, the PSG, admitted that they vaccinated themselves with a Chinese coronavirus vaccine unapproved by the FDA. Furthermore, the government’s defense secretary said that these vaccines were in fact, smuggled.

As a response, FDA Director-General Eric Domingo said: “Everything could go wrong” when it comes to self-vaccinations. He emphasized that even within the DOH before any vaccination begins, they make sure that every nurse is properly trained to do so.

Don't Self-Inject Vaccine: FDA Warns "Everything Could Go Wrong"

During an interview on ANC’s Headstart, Domingo emphaszied:

Akala kasi natin lahat simple pero kami, pinag-aaralan namin yan bago namin ginagagawa para to make sure it is done in the safest and most effective possible way

Furthermore, the FDA Director-General stressed that medical practitioners go through specific training for each individual vaccine. He explains that each vaccine has its own proper way of inoculation.

As per the interview, Domingo said:

Each particular vaccine has its own way. Either you have to mix it with something, the way you handle it you can cause infection with the needle. If you don’t know where to inject it, you could hit a nerve. You could hit a blood vessel. You could injure the person

Moreover, Domingo stated that vaccines must go through the FDA to ensure the medicine is genuine and came from a legitimate source. For most vaccines, logistics plays a vital part in its efficacy.

For example, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine requires a constant low temperature. As such, the U.S. prepared intensively to procure this vaccine. Meanwhile, the PSG denied to disclose where they got their Chinese vaccine.

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