Roxanne Barcelo Admits Being Trying In This Aspect Of Her Life

This is is what Roxanne Barcelo shared about being trying hard

Actress Roxanne Barcelo admitted that she is trying hard when it comes to this aspect of her life.

Just recently, Roxanne shared photos showing that she already got married. It was revealed that amid the pandemic, she got engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend. Months ago, the actress has mentioned the special man in her life but did not reveal his identity.

roxanne barcelo
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In the recent posts of the actress, showing her wedding photos, the face of her new husband was also not shown. Based on her recent Twitter post, Roxanne shared that what happened to her and her husband was love at first sight.

“Totoo pala yung “When you know, you know.” #loveatfirstsight#pandalove,” the actress wrote. She also revealed what she has been through last year.

It is known to many showbiz fans that the popularity of Roxanne Barcelo took a higher notch last year because of her comedic stints. However, it is also a known fact that some of the viewers commented ill against her. Some said that she was just trying to be funny.

In line with this, Roxanne said that she had no intention like that. “Last year when a few people were saying I was “trying hard to be funny” what they didn’t know was that I was actually trying hard to be happy,” she admitted.

It was because of the sad fact that she lost someone so precious in her life. “When I lost my Tatay, I thought I would never find happiness again. I thought I would never be able to smile again. But I was wrong,” the actress added.

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