Four Individuals Slain In Drug Bust Operation In Taguig City

Four Individuals Slain In Drug Bust Operation In Taguig City

TAGUIG CITY – Four people, among them include two alleged drug lords, were killed in a gunfight during a sting operation in Taguig City.

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Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Debold Sinas identified the two alleged drug lords as Christopher Ocarol and Allan Catalan, who were supplying illegal drugs in Cebu and Central Visayas, according to SunStar.

As for the other two fatalities, they were not identified, as of the moment.

The four allegedly engaged the policemen in a gunfight along C6 road in Barangay Napindan in the city at around 5:35 AM on Monday.

As mentioned, Sinas said that the identified suspects were “notable drug lords in Central Visayas” and former detainees of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), who were released in 2015 after the Court of Appeals dismissed drug charges against them.

They were also alleged to be among the main suppliers of illegal drugsin Cebu and in Central Visayas region.

“They were (the) source of voluminous shipments of illegal drugs in Central Visayas (way back early 2000),”

Following the release of the suspects, they were alleged to have continued their contact with the “Chinese drug lords” inside the NBP to supply illegal drugs to Central Visayas from Metro Manila, based on the report.

“To avoid detection from the authorities in Central Visayas, the duo decided to hide in Metro Manila and transact or monitor their illicit activities in Central Visayas. They started shipping in small quantities until they were able to ship 50 kilos at a time,”

“With their established large network in the island of Cebu, the suspects were able to ship the same volume on a weekly basis,”

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