Iñigo Pascual shares important lessons his father Piolo Pascual taught him

Iñigo Pascual talked about his father Piolo Pascual

Actor-singer Iñigo Pascual shared the important lessons that his father A-list actor Piolo Pascual taught him.

Iñigo was able to pave his way into stardom away from the shadow of his father. He proved that he deserves to be in the entertainment industry through his won talent and charm.

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It is known to many that Piolo has established his name already in the industry. Fortunately, his son was able to make his own name also. Iñigo has been doing TV, movie, music project here in the Philippine and abroad.

Indeed, Iñigo Pascual has inherited the charm of his father. In a recent interview for his new show, the younger actor shared that Piolo has taught him a lot of lessons in life, based on the article from The Philippine Star.

“My dad always reminds me to be patient and not to rush things,” he said. The young actor also said that he looks up to his father as his model.


He always reminds me to be grateful and to never be greedy, to always share whatever I have, whatever blessing comes to my life, to find space and time to give back somehow,” Iñigo added.

But when it comes to his love life, he said that his father is hands-off on this aspect. However, Piolo Pascual always reminds him to know the person.

“He just lets me be, lets me do my own thing. But he reminds me to be careful in getting into a situation that I am not sure of. He tells me to really take time to know the person very well, to be very sure,” Iñigo Pascual

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