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What Has Two Words But Has Thousands Of Letters? (Riddle Answer)

TWO WORDS BUT THOUSANDS OF LETTERS – A riddle needs to be thought about critically and is often isn’t what it seems in the surface.

In this article, we are going to learn about the answer to the question ” what has two words but has thousands of letters”?

Obviously, there is no two words in the English Language that could have a thousand letters. In fact, the longest word in the English vocabulary only has 29 letters. So, even if you doubled that, you’d only get 58 letters.

Two Words But Thousands Of Letters Riddle Answers

As such, we need to think critically about the “two words thousands of letters” riddle. However, the answer to this riddle is quite simple – a post office.

A Post office has two words and inside a post office, you would see thousands of letters. Even though more and more people are switching to digital means of mail, some still use the more traditional post office.

However, most post offices have switched their business from mostly sending letters to sending and receiving parcels. Still, post offices were an important part of almost every culture’s history and tradition.

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