Angel Locsin and Neil Arce shared how their relationship started

In the recent vlog of celebrity couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce, they talked about how their relationship transitioned from friends to lovers.

Angel and Neil are also venturing into vlogging now. For their second vlog, they shared details of their relationship as what their fans have requested. They started being friends in 2010.

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After seven years, the transition happened. They say that they have been through a lot during the years when they were just friends. Angel has become the date setter of Neil. The actress would introduce the film producer to possible girlfriends.

For Angel, Neil was her confidante. The actress would share what she feels and thinks back when they were still friends. However, there came a time that they could not talk to each other anymore regarding their problem because their problem was each other.

Neil Arce recalled an instance when his friend names Madz was living with him. Madz went to Angel Locsin’s house which is just 3 to 5 minutes away from where Neil is living. Then, the actress asked Madz if she would risk the friendship for a romantic relationship.

Photo Source: @neil_arce IG

Madz answered, “no, don’t do that”. Neil said that his friend knew that he already had feelings for Angel at that time but the answer that was given to the actress was wrong.

At that point, Neil decided to go to Angel’s house because she was no longer answering his text. Then, they talked. The film producer said that he gave the actress and assurance but he did not elaborate on this anymore.

“Amin na lang ‘yun, kung ano ang pinag-usapan namin,” the fiance of Angel Locsin said while smiling.

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